Key Factors for Selecting Office Furniture and Creating an Optimal Working Environment

With the technological, industrial and design advancements made in the office furniture industry over the last decade, the industry today has really become a specialised field.

Today, key factors for creating an optimal working environment include technology integration into your working environments, the insight into different ways of working in a post Covid era, a deeper understanding of the ergonomics of working environments, a general health consciousness that didn’t exist a decade ago, the desire for contemporary, creative, innovative, artistic design and an ever evolving and demanding standard of working.

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BFS design, manufacture and distribute quality office furniture nationally to businesses small and large. Our group of companies own three manufacturing facilities and have sales offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town

Business Furniture Solutions (PTY) Ltd. was founded in 2003 and is today part of the BFS-Barker Group of companies. The group owns and operates an upholstery factory, wood-working factory, and a sheet metal and engineering factory equipped with an inhouse powder coating plant as well as a fleet of trucks enabling direct control over our own manufacturing quality and distribution..

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