Key Factors for Selecting Office Furniture and Creating an Optimal Working Environment

With the technological, industrial and design advancements made in the office furniture industry over the last decade, the industry today has really become a specialised field.

Today, key factors for creating an optimal working environment include technology integration into your working environments, the insight into different ways of working in a post Covid era, a deeper understanding of the ergonomics of working environments, a general health consciousness that didn’t exist a decade ago, the desire for contemporary, creative, innovative, artistic design and an ever evolving and demanding standard of working.

The more sophisticated needs of the 21st century working environments demand more holistic and intelligent solutions in order for businesses to operate at the intensities that they do.

This field really necessitates a consultative process whereby an “office furniture and workplace specialist” needs to fully understand your business, it’s current and future needs and can work with you to establish a progressive, dynamic and functional working environment.

Where once, even stationary companies or mass market retailers could peddle just another commodity by trying to sell office furniture to unsuspecting buyers, only for the buyers to discover that the lack of thoughtful advice left them with a product they had to get used to when the solution to the problem was never really found and the real value seems to have been lost somewhere along the way.

Whether you are currently moving, upgrading or even right-sizing your business you should not be doing this alone. whether you are a frequent buyer of furniture, or are an interior designer or architect working on projects, one things for sure is that you need a credible and competent, specialist office furniture company to guide you through this process.

As an industry leader, BFS and our group of companies together with our world leading international partners have a wealth of experience in creating functional and inspiring workplaces.

We have nationwide client response capability, as well as the ability to install in Southern and Central Africa. From regular furniture needs through to specialised project requirements, with BFS you can be assured of professional, creative, personalised and prompt service, where clients are valued and deadlines are respected.

Come talk to us about your project so we can truly add value to your organisation.

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